Lock Picks

Lock Picks are the most important tool in the arsenal of locksmiths. With a lock pick, you can open a lock in seconds.

A Typical Set of Lock Picks

A Typical Set of Lock Picks

What do Jeremiah Chubb, Houdini, King Louis the XVI, Arthur Smith and James Sargent have in common? If you’re new to lock picking, then only Houdini and maybe King Louis the XVI would ring a bell. All of them a re some of the most famous locksmiths in history, proficient in the use of lock picks.

Locks have changed throughout history. From the expensive locks by Mzunchend to the mass-produced ones by Orenthal, they have changed to accommodate every household.

Obviously, methods for lock picking have changed as well and we now have very effective and efficient lock picks.

There are several types of lock picks because there are several types of locks. But most sets generally have two things – a tension wrench and several types of picks.

An Example of a Mechanical "Snap Pick"

An Example of a Mechanical "Snap Pick"

The tension or torsion wrench is an L-shaped piece of metal that’s used to apply the right amount of tension to the lock’s cylinder. Another important job is to hold the pins that were already picked in position. Once you’ve picked the lock, you’ll use the tension wrench to turn the cylinder, usually clockwise, in order to open the lock. There’s also another type of tension wrench that’s shaped like a pair of tweezers that’s used for cars.

The biggest difference between picks themselves is the shape of the tips. The most common and useful is the tip with the shape of a half-diamond or triangle. Just like the one with the hook tip, it is used to feel around the pins and rake them to open the lock. The half-diamond is more versatile because it’s like the ball-shaped tip that can be used for wafer locks.

On the other hand, the rake tip is used by less-skillful locksmiths. It’s used in such a way that it’s rapidly inserted and pulled out, bouncing the pins in the process, until they align with the shear line.

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