How To Duplicate Keys & Copy a Key

You need a key copied – what do you do? Many people often think of their locksmith.

Key Impressioning Using Clay

Key Impressioning Using Clay

But your locksmith is not the only option. With the information found in this category you’ll learn about producing a duplicate working key with, or without the original!

Key Impressioning is a clandestine method that produces a working key for a target lock without disassembling the lock or using other decoding methods such as “reading” to decipher the combination of the lock.

Impressioning has two alternatives: Straight Key Copying and Key Manipulation

The first way is called Key copying, where a mold of a working key is prepared and an effort is made to produce a key exactly like the one you have. This method is also known as key duplication. The only hitch is that you must have access to the original key from which to make a mold from.

No Longer Rely On Your Locksmith For Copies

No Longer Rely On Your Locksmith For Copies

In Key Manipulation, a blank key is used to maneuver lock components to determine their proper positions. Then the key is moved to generate marks on the blank. Once the marks are found, the places on the blank which have marks are then filed.

Sometimes in some unusual situations there may be a need to has to open lock for which one does not originally have a key, and this is the time when the “manipulation” technique comes in handy.

One can open a lock without the hassle of picks or tension levers by using these methods.

No special skills or tools are required; expensive key-cutting machines can make the job easier but a simple metal file also yields same outcome. Really it depends of the type of lock you’re trying to unlock, what you are trying to achieve, your time restrictions, and other factors.

These methods work best on pin tumber, warded and lever type locks and their variations, although with correct adjustments, this method can be used on many more types of locks.

Impressioning makes the process of opening a lock is a more dependable and conventional and with practice locks can be opened within a maximum time of 10 minutes.

Standard Key Copier Machine - Not Needed!

Standard Key Copier Machine - Not Needed!

Lost your car key and don’t have a spare? In this case locksmith will likely create a car key by impressioning the lock. This fantastic method has always amazed amateur locksmiths and locksport enthusiasts. Many competitions are held on impressioning from speed picking to key impressioning contests etc.

This category includes various volumes on lock opening by impressioning, key casting, duplicating keys and focuses on providing you with the best available information on this matter. Learn how to duplicate keys quickly and easily.