Car Theft & Security

Car security ranges from older, door and steering column locks which the same key fits, to extremely high-tech security systems integrated into the key to prevent car theft.

The Club Steering Wheel Lock

The Club - Not as strong as you might think...

Many people hook on a steering wheel lock, believing this is the best way to protect their older car. But guess what? These steering wheel type locks, such as “The Club” are not as strong as your might think! They can be removed in seconds with a simple technique.

Some modern vehicle manufacturers, for example, Mercedes-Benz, are incorporating a technology using a key with an encoded infrared beam that communicates with the car’s computer. If the codes match, the car can be started.

One of the best car theft prevention devices on the market is the passive immobilizer, now standard equipment on 98% of General Motors’ light duty vehicles and nearly all of the new Fords. These immobilizers use a key that contains a computer chip which communicates with the car’s engine. Without the proper key, the only way to steal the car is to tow it away.

Stealing Car With a Laptop

It is possible to steal some late-model cars with a laptop.

Advances in car security technology is making car theft ever more technical, wireless or infrared transmitter-equipped computers loaded with specialized software can open and start many modern cars. Of course, being that the large majority of cars on our roads were models released before this technology became factory-standard, many car thieves only need to equip themselves with a slim-jim and a screw-driver.

Simple security upgrades can protect your vehicle from these rudimentary criminals – and you’ll learn every trick in the book – and how to beat’em in our vast information archives!

Car Window Smashing

Simply hiding, or not leaving your valuables in your car is the best prevention

More than a quarter of all recorded crimes are car thefts or thefts from cars, such as stereos and mobile phones. With thieves constantly targeting both valuables in cars, as well as the cars themselves, its not surprising that car manufacturers are integrating better security systems right off the factory floor. Of course, nothing can prevent a window break smash-and-grab, except simply not leaving your valuables in your car!

More often than not, it’s not the actual car the thieves are targeting, it’s the valuables inside. This leaves two options for protecting the valuables inside your car: Alarms and Physical Security. By combining simple security systems and measures, you can take your car off the menu for your average car thief – and you’ll learn how below.

The reports and guides in this category have been provided to detail various car security systems and alarms, their strengths and weaknesses and further measures you can take to prevent your car being a target.

Orientated around the breaching of car security systems and much of our information written by ex-professional car jackers, they reveal secrets which can simply not be learned elsewhere on car theft & entry!