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Since a child, I’ve been fascinated with security. I distinctly remember, at the age of 11, wiring up my first “burglar alarm”, made from a simple pressure pad constructed from cardboard and aluminium foil for my tree-house. I remember trying to get my sister to “break in”, while Ieagerly sat and waited for the small buzzer to go off to indicate an intrusion.

The first lock I picked was a tiny padlock. A “stocking filler” for Christmas. With a bent paper clip I discovered that the padlock could be opened – igniting my curiosity in lock picking.

Back then of course, the only way to further learn about this fascinating new realm was by reading books from the library – and read them I did! While my friends were buying candy and basketball trading cards, I was building my collection of old locks. I lovingly unscrewed them from old doors in the “recycled goods” area of the local junkyard. None of these old doors came with keys, and the locks had to be removed any way – so the local yard foreman let me have them for free!

I practiced the techniques I read in the library books, mainly on old pin tumblers and warded locks in the beginning, and started to develop a knack for opening locks.

Anyway, enough of my reminiscing!

With the development of the internet, an exiting new learning channel has opened, allowing people from all over the world to share and collaborate knowledge I’d only dreamed of in my younger years.

Welcome to “The Lock Pick Library”.

I trust you’re here for the same reasons I was at the library all those years ago. You fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond type, and would like to read up on some real “Ocean’s 11” how-to’s…

First a Warning: The internet, while being an amazing, infinitely vast pool of knowledge, is not without it’s floors. The quality and accuracy of information available ranges enormously!

I’ve read hundreds of books on security – from lock picking, to alarm system design, to safe cracking. After reading so many books, and investing thousands of hours in practice I started to get a feel of what worked, and what didn’t. I also started to get a feel whether the author of a particular book knew what they were talking about or not. Guess what? Some books were just down-right WRONG!

That’s a scary thought isn’t it? You spend your time and money following a technique or method – and it turns out that it simply doesn’t work because the author doesn’t know their stuff.

I’ve written over 50 “how-tos“, “how they work” and “what they are” articles covering the basics of lock-picking and security and made them available for free right now – no strings attached – You can read them right now!

What if I told you that I’ve also collected, read, written and published over 100 books, that break down methods and strategies that I guarantee work, and made these available to those of you that are serious about learning this complex art?

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